Daniel Hechter, the new partner of Renault Sport Formula OneTM team have chosen Willie BEAMEN for its latest campaign.


In 2018, Daniel Hechter became the partner of Renault Sport Formula One Team. To consolidate this partnership, a new ‘smart’ suit was developed under a co-branding. Using 37.5R, a high-performance technology, this suit allows the body temperature to self-regulate.
Daniel Hechter wanted to publicise this innovation.


WILLIE BEAMEN came up with the tagline and the film ‘Racing Suit. Keep Control.’
This film plays on the similarities between the preparations needed for a racing car and those for a man, by focussing on precise, controlled movements.
The digital film in a 50-second format, was shot in Barcelona on the legendary Catalonia (Spanish Grand Prix) circuit as well the POS photo shoot.