A year following the “Bleu’s” victory (men’s national football team), the opening day for our women’s team is quickly approaching. Starting June 7th until July 7th, our national team will be playing in the most important competition of their careers.


To wear the well-known blue jersey is a reward in itself, one that represents many years of hard work, filled with victories and losses. Throughout the tears of both joy and disappointment, the same emotion remains: passion.

This passion is what will help write the story of our women national football team.


The FFF (French Football Federation) and WB came up with the idea of a film that follows women players through the years: from childhood, to teenage years and to the professional career.

The director Vladimir de Fontenay explains: “we filmed using a 35mm tape to better show the emotion affiliated with the sport.” An editing using music from THE BLAZE mixed with the energetic yet resilient spirits of the players make the perfect combination to a moving short-film.

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