Moët & Chandon wanted to celebrate Roger Federer's farewell with the biggest toast ever given to a sporting icon.


Instead of looking at it in a nostalgic way, the brand, together with WILLIE BEAMEN, decided to change the perspective and celebrate the player's retirement as a big party.
Instead of being nostalgic or even morose after this announcement, the brand decided to change the game by celebrating Roger Federer's retirement with the hashtag #ToastToRoger. It's an opportunity for fans around the world to pay tribute to the tennis star by being with him on the first day of the rest of his life.


WILLIE BEAMEN created a 1min10 film with the exclusive participation of Rafael Nadal, Anna Wintour, Rod Laver, Lynette Federer and Siya Kolisi. The film was shot at an altitude of 3400m in Switzerland and in Argentina with the rest of the team remotely in Paris, and all of this was kept secret so that Roger's surprise would remain intact.

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