FEDCOM GROUP has acquired the exclusive broadcasting rights to all Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and 7DAYS EuroCup games for France and Monaco.


FEDCOM GROUP used the independent french agency WILLIE BEAMEN to orchestrate the launch of its OTT broadcasting platform.
Named "SKWEEK" -the iconic sound of basketball soles on the floor- the platform launched on 6 October and offers more than 450 lives and replays matches, all with French commentary.
As a bonus, there are pre- and post-game shows, exclusive access to the backstage, analyses, debates... everything to thrill all basketball fans.


"PURE BASKETBALL" is the promise imagined by the agency to embody this experience at the heart of European basketball.
SKWEEK.TV was revealed via a digital film with a social media, influence and press strategy: "We are launching the platform with a film that attempts to convey in the best possible way what the SKWEEK brand offers to its subscribers: the opportunity to not miss a thing of European basketball, its technical moves, its intensity, its crazy scenarios with overwhelming emotions... the opportunity to experience pure basketball as close to the grounds. The film’s energy is also rhythmic thanks to a soundtrack composed from the recording of pure basketball sounds." - Nicolas MOREAU, Creative Director at WILLIE BEAMEN.
In parallel, a special live broadcast on Twitch was organised with First Team as well as the "SKWEEK sound challenge" orchestrated by the team of influencers: Brisco_s3, Laura.Kechichian, Rookicks_, etienneca6 and unseensamy.