It all starts with a first action. The one that opens the way. The one that encourages all the others. The one that makes a difference. Let's all act together for the Ocean.


In the context of World Ocean Day, Surfrider Europe launches "Just One Thing". Conceived by WILLIE BEAMEN agency, this digital campaign is deployed internationally and supported by various personalities from all horizons. The aim is to encourage behavioural changes from everyone, thanks to simple actions!


The new campaign aims to encourage and celebrate everyone's commitments. This is not a guilt trip but a positive campaign, carried on by the Surfrider network throughout the world, but also by personalities from the sport industry, the media and culture. They have all agreed to share their daily eco-gestures and to invite their community to do the same on social.
Gilles Asenjo, its President, explains: "When Tom Curren, then three-time World Surfing Champion, decided to create Surfrider in Europe, he did so considering that everyone had a role to play in protecting the ocean, starting with himself! Surfrider now has 200,000 supporters in 12 European countries, but it never loses sight of the simple principle that there is strength in numbers and that each individual action, even small one, contributes to the collective impact of our community. This is the principle of this new campaign: it all starts with one thought, one decision, one action. "It all starts with JUST ONE THING".
At WILLIE BEAMEN, we strongly believe in the power of small actions to fight global plastic pollution. We believe in the power of influence to change behaviour and contribute to change as Sylvain Ventre, co-founder, explains: "The desire to use our agency's creative talents for Surfrider has been around for a while. As a surfer living in Paris, I wanted to propose a campaign and a message with meaning, easy to integrate whether you are a surfer or just concerned by current ecological issues. The ONE illustrates a campaign that looks like us, being aware that we must change our habits but at our own pace and without feeling guilty for not being perfect.”


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