To all of our football fans, Uber eats and OM are celebrating their partnership with a brand new campaign.


Uber Eats inaugurates its partnership with OM (Olympique de Marseille) with a new wild campaign unveiled to celebrate the 120 anniversary of the club.


Over 6 000 posters can be seen throughout Marseille to shine the light on the history of the club celebrating today 120 years of existence. The posters can be found in the area between la Joliette and Castellane, including Canebière, Vieux Port, rue de Rome Boulevard Baille, Lieutard and cours Julien.

These posters were created to celebrate the dedicated fans of Olympique Marseille, no matter where they come from. Indeed, photographer Olivier Amsellem decided to shoot portraits of the original fans, the Phocéens, to showcase the longevity of the club.

Parallelly, an independent movie was also created to highlight the infinite passion and devotion of the fans.

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