In 2018, UNIBET, a leading player in the world of online sports betting, signed a partnership with the PSG and choses WILLIE BEAMEN to accompany the brand them in the realisation of the "Born to Win" campaign.


For the new campaign, the sports betting application entrusts its agency WILLIE BEAMEN in the creation of a multi-media campaign (TV, print, digital) that will awaken your competitive spirit!


This new campaign features the real intensity of crucial football moments. An acrobatic turn, technical moves captured on the spot just before their results each action in this campaign creates suspense. Does it go in? Does it win? It's up to the consumer to exercise his eye and his discernment as a player. "Do you bet?" A simple tagline that positions Unibet as the leader in its category.
This campaign is also available for Paris Saint-Germain.

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