The web-series, the favourite format of brands!

On behalf of the FFT, the WILLIE BEAMEN agency has launched its first video platform. 100% tennis, named FFT TV. In collaboration with the production company 3W, exclusive web series were realised to highlight the life of amateur clubs. Sylvain Ventre -co-founder of the WILLIE BEAMEN agency with Romain Collinet- gives us his pragmatic expert opinion on web series.

First, how is the Agency doing? How are you getting through this crisis?
Like all agencies, we have had to show resilience and patience. We remain close to our clients to be able to respond as best as we can to their evolving challenges and produce campaigns that were sometimes planned before the crisis. We must remain creative and available. 

What were the specifications for these web series produced for the FFT with the 3W production?
To bring to life and highlight tennis in our regions. To dive into these local clubs, to meet the volunteers and coaches who run regional tennis. With Benoit Pensivy and his teams at 3W, we set out to tell these simple but endearing stories of the daily life of our clubs. Tennis outside the grand slams- The whole series is centralised on a single FFT.TV platform.

What makes a good web series?
There are no rules, but a video format of 1.5 to 3 minutes and recurring allows advertisers to have a privileged meeting and reach a targeted audience. In addition, the series format allows the target audience to become attached to the characters, with a narrative and a thread between the episodes.

What is the main attraction for brands in this format?
To have more narrative time, to enter into real stories and to be able to identify with them.  

Does this format require the mobilisation of a large number of people within the agency?
We have 1 to 2 people per division (commercial, creative and production) to carry out this project. 

What is the typical process and average production time for a web series?
1 month of investigation, 2 to 3 months of shooting and post-production.

How long should I choose?
It's very variable and any length is possible. 

What are the constraints of such a format?
Time and budget as a general rule, but for example, for season 2 of On the Road to the Tournaments and Debreak, Covid-19 added real health constraints and club availability.

What are the advantages, on the other hand?
We are always freer when a video/series format is broadcasted on a digital platform. 

Is this storytelling format more effective than other communication formats?
As I said before, this format allows us to have a very recurrent meeting with an audience, which is different from print or TV.

Who is the target audience?
The audience can be quite large depending on the advertiser's target. In this case, with the web series On the road to the tournaments and Débreak, the FFT wanted to reach all tennis players, whether they are tennis lovers or just occasional players.

In your expert opinion, is the web series effective? Would you recommend it to a brand that is hesitating between several communication formats?
Yes, the web series is an "effective" format because it is real, close to people, to the reality of their daily lives. It is this sincerity and authenticity in the content, in the encounters, that we wanted to put into images in the two series produced for the FFT.


Thanks to Sport Stratégies and Alain Jouve.

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